A2Z Online Business

You can become a A2Z distributor for free. You can buy only 250 BV any product “No joining fee , No enrollment fee , No investment”

Business Plan

Purchase only 250BV any product

1- Sales commission

Sales commission Payout daily

2- Repurchasing income

Repurchasing Payout Monthly

3- E- Commerce income

E- Commerce Payout Monthly

4- Team income

Team income Payout daily

5- Royalty income

Royalty Payout Monthly


Sales commission (250BV sales =Rs.200/-)

Repurchasing income(10 Point = 1BV) (100BV=RS.100/-)

E- commerce income(20 Point = 1BV) (100BV=RS.100/-)

E-Commerce income 18 active level

Team income (250BV Matching=RS.250/-)

Team income (250BV:500BV or 500BV:250BV for first step and 250BV:250BV till unlimited depth)

Team income daily limit (3000BV Matching = Rs.3000/- Per day)

Royalty income is earned when silver rank achiever

Royalty income is available for one year only

Royalty income is 10% of monthly income(Repurchasing income+E-Cmmerce income+Team income)

Award and rewards

500BV:500BV -Bronze Rank

Terms And Conditions

Any Indian citizen above 18 yrs old can be a distributor without any investment.

An active distributor he/she has to purchase 250 BV products

On each product there will be a BV (Business Volume) . A2Z income will be based on BV

All payout shall be transferred directly to the registered bank account, after deducting applicable TDS 5% & Service Charge 5%

It is mandatory to purchase minimum 50 Point product in a month for getting E- Commerce and repurchase income


Identity Card Copy

Bank Details Copy

One Passport size photo